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Chapter 5

Jesus showed us His divinity when He, We are called to follow the example of, The Paschal mystery is the, A person who shows us how to spread God%27s goodness, While Jesus was suffering on the cross create online activities , Jesus%27 return to heaven is called, The Poor Clares are a, Jesus saved us from sin through the, St. Catherine of Bologna, We celebrate the Paschal Mystery, Divine means, Ascension Thursday is a, To make a sacrifice we share , Jesus Christ is , We celebrate Jesus%27 Ascension to Heaven, Jesus showed us He was human when,

rose from the dead. improve results , Paschal Mystery, Holy Day of Obligation, community of religious sisters founded by St. Catherine., had a vision of Mary holding a baby., of God., life, death, Resurrection and Ascension of Jesus., Jesus Christ., is a role model., the Ascension, our time or talents with others out of love., He forgave those who hurt him., the perfect Role Model for all Christians., 40 days after Easter on Ascension Thursday., at Mass., He suffered and died.,