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Healtly Teeth Quiz

1. Crooked teeth can cause pain and discomfort.
2. The # is the part of the tooth that sits above the gum.
Yellow toenails, White teeth, Hairy tongue, All of the above,
3. Plaque in the mouth causes #.
Causing bone loss, Decreasing sense of smell computer assisted language learning , Shrinking gums, All of the above,
4. Having bacteria in your mouth is normal.
Cancer, Mouth sores, Decreased sense of taste, All of the above,
5. # is formed by a bacteria colony and saliva mix which becomes a whitish film on the teeth.
6. # are used to correct crooked teeth.
7. Tobacco causes:
Plaque, , ,
8. The bacteria that form together to become plaque use # as a form energy.
flouride, , ,
9. Tobacco also causes:
Braces, , ,
10. Tobacco affects oral health by:
root canal, , ,
11. Nerve fibers are present in tooth enamel.
crown, , ,
12. The # is the part of the tooth that lies below the gum line.
root, , ,
13. Treatment for a # involves opening the tooth, removing the damaged pulp, cleaning, shaping, filling, and sealing the teeth.
cavities, multiple choice questions , ,
14. Crooked teeth are easier to clean.
sugar, , online activities ,