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The Roman Republic

There are 32 questions total, so you%27ll probably need to play about three screens before you see all of the questions. If you can get a 100%25 four times in a row, you should be in good shape.

triumvirate class web page , Typical reason for the decline of an ancient empire, What were breads and circuses?, Rule of Law, Tiber River generate answer keys , How is ancient Rome%27s influence seen in US government, Mare Nostrum, Romulus and Remus, Octavian, consuls, Crossing the Rubicon, Republic crossword maker , Democracy, Hannibal, Veto grading , dictator, plebeians, Latifundia online activities , Twelve Tables, Three Punic Wars help students assimilate material , Julius Caesar, praetors, Legion, Cincinnatus, Which famous American leader was inspired by Cincinnatus?, Marius, Senate, Sicily web 2.0 , Cicero, Tiberius %26 Gaius Gracchus, The Aeneid, patricians,

wealthy Romans who tried to pass reforms to help Rome%27s poor, food and entertainment used to distract Rome%27s poor, reject a decision; Latin for %22I forbid%22, top two Roman officials elected each year to lead the government, Conflicts be-tween Rome and Carthage over Mediterranean, today - making a decision you can%27t take back, Government ruled by the people class website , Large farming estates in ancient Rome - used lots of slave labor, Virgil%27s epic poem of the Trojan refugees who founded Rome results history , grand-nephew of Julius Caesar - became Emper-or Augustus, Roman leader who declared himself dictator for life!, Carthaginian general of the 2nd Punic War active teaching , Roman politician %26 speaker who supported the republic, Government with no king or queen where leader is chosen by voters, division of Roman army - about 6,000 men, Legendary twins (raised by a wolf) who founded Rome, Roman dictator who saved Roman army %26 returned home, Roman rulers with complete control in times of emergency interactive , Roman judges, the common people of ancient Rome, political alliance of three people short answer questions , Roman consul who began paying soldiers, Weak rulers!!! (Their inability %26 selfishness ruin everything!), The idea that law should apply to everyone equally, Rome%27s first code of written laws %26 basis for all Roman law, George Washington, Latin for %22our sea%22 - refers to Roman control of Mediterranean distance learning , gave Rome water, trade, and access to the Mediterranean, Tripartite (3-part) government: executive, legis-lative,%26 judicial interactive , fertile island valued by Carthage and Rome, Rome%27s wealthy landowners, Rome%27s most important lawmaking body - ,