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The Roman Republic

There are 32 questions total, so you%27ll probably need to play about three screens before you see all of the questions. If you can get a 100%25 four times in a row, you should be in good shape.

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Roman leader who declared himself dictator for life!, Rome%27s wealthy landowners, today - making a decision you can%27t take back, wealthy Romans who tried to pass reforms to help Rome%27s poor, Latin for %22our sea%22 - refers to Roman control of Mediterranean, grand-nephew of Julius Caesar - became Emper-or Augustus, reject a decision; Latin for %22I forbid%22, food and entertainment used to distract Rome%27s poor e-learning , Roman consul who began paying soldiers, gave Rome water, trade, and access to the Mediterranean, Roman judges, division of Roman army - about 6,000 men, The idea that law should apply to everyone equally, Carthaginian general of the 2nd Punic War, Government ruled by the people, Roman rulers with complete control in times of emergency, George Washington, Rome%27s most important lawmaking body - , Weak rulers!!! (Their inability %26 selfishness ruin everything!) dynamic quiz , political alliance of three people, Conflicts be-tween Rome and Carthage over Mediterranean, Roman dictator who saved Roman army %26 returned home, Roman politician %26 speaker who supported the republic tool for teachers , top two Roman officials elected each year to lead the government, fertile island valued by Carthage and Rome, Large farming estates in ancient Rome - used lots of slave labor, Government with no king or queen where leader is chosen by voters school , Tripartite (3-part) government: executive, legis-lative,%26 judicial, Rome%27s first code of written laws %26 basis for all Roman law english , Virgil%27s epic poem of the Trojan refugees who founded Rome invite students , the common people of ancient Rome, Legendary twins (raised by a wolf) who founded Rome,