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Network features

WAN Wide area network matching excercise , Mesh, Star, MAN Metropolitan area network , ATM – Asynchronous transfer mode, PAN Personal area network , Bus, Multiplexing, Ring, LAN Local area network mix questions , Circuit switching, Tree, Access method, Broadband (Digital subscribers line), ISDN- Integrated services digital network, WAP – Wireless access point,

DSL allows voice and high speed data to be sent simultaneously learning , Allows more than one circuit to occur on the same time, Connect computers over long distance. class website , It is a computer network that covers a town or a city., Occurs over ordinary telephone copper wire, It is used to connect wireless nodes to a wired network, Where permanent circuit is made before communication, CSMA/CD, CSMA/CA, TOKEN PASSING, Each node interconnected with others, A series of nodes connected in daisy-chain styleion, Wired Ethernet (IEEE802.3) or wireless (IEEE 802.11) multiple choice questions , PROTOCOL for dedicated circuit switching technology, Nodes are linked in a hierarchical structure , One central node with outlying nodes, It is a network of computing devices that use Bluetooth , Different devices connected from a common backbone ,