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BVU Adv 1/3*

ideas into practice., my colleagues immediately., can slow things down., hands-on., get on with them., down my neck., to a desk. elearning , recognition from parents., in my job., under with paperwork., it takes me to the limits of my skills., satisfaction. crossword maker , achievement., are very important in this industry., rapport between us., paperwork., my own., a contribution to society., rewarding and stimulating.,

The work is stretching,, I don%27t like admin, I am very much, I like the sense of, I want to make english , I still, My job gives me a lot of, I dislike the days when I%27m chained, I love putting, Rigid procedures, As a teacher, I sometimes get, Sometimes I feel I%27m snowed, I like working, I hate when people are breathing, I hit it off with, There is a very good class page , No two days are the same, My work is , Originality and creativity,