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GimnEx 9/1*

Dopasuj pytania do odpowiedzi.

When did you move here?, I%27ll give you a lift home., How often do you visit your grandparents?, Where did you go on holiday last year?, Where was she born?, What does your father look like?, How much do you weigh?, What%27s your name? learning , How old is he?, How tall are you?, What sport does she play?, Who%27s your teacher?, What was the name of your last school?, Where does she live?, What class are you in?, What%27s your best subject?,

Every weekend., Maths., I%27m 1.68cm., Thank you very much., He%27s tall and slim., Szkoła Podstawowa w Lipsku n/Wisłą., Mr Machala ;), I went to Italy., I%27m Mark., She was born in Poland., I%27m in Class 1A., Tennis., 65., About 60kg., Two weeks ago., She lives in England.,