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DiaMat 9/2*

1. To prawda.
That%27s true., to prepare , surprised, an average person
2. nagle
suddenly, surprised, an average person, to behave
3. zaskoczony
surprised, to agree, to prepare , to behave
4. create online quizzes zaprosić
to invite, to prepare , suddenly, to behave
5. zgodzić się
to agree, to prepare , to join, an average person
6. przyłączyć się
to join, a gym, to behave, an average person
7. normalne ubrania
normal clothes, a chat, surprised, suddenly
8. przeciętna osoba
an average person, normal clothes, to invite, a popular singer
9. online activities dobrze zbudowany
well-built, to agree, suddenly, to invite
10. siłownia
a gym, a chat, suddenly, normal clothes
11. results dość często
quite often, to join, a gym, to invite
12. prywatna osoba
a private person, quite often, an average person, a popular singer
13. zachowywać się
to behave, to prepare results , normal clothes, surprised
14. results history pogawędka
a chat, quite often, to join, well-built
15. przygotowywać
to prepare , surprised, to join, a private person