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I can say how I feel 2 (OWS B 16)

Wybierz właściwe tłumaczenie.

1. zmęczony
tired, thirsty, I%27m freezing., excited
2. głodny
hungry, surprised, nervous, angry
3. spragniony
thirsty, frightened (scared), surprised, tired
4. Jest mi bardzo gorąco.
I%27m boiling., upset, frightened (scared), happy
5. Jest mi bardzo zimno.
I%27m freezing., nervous, I%27m boiling., happy
6. podenerwowany
nervous, surprised, What%27s the matter?, thirsty
7. Czuję się chory.
I feel ill. , sad (unhappy), tired, surprised
8. On nie czuje się dobrze.
He doesn%27t feel well. , I%27m freezing., in love, sad (unhappy)
9. zadowolony; szczęśliwy
happy, excited, sad (unhappy), surprised
10. niezadowolony; nieszczęśliwy
sad (unhappy), upset, happy, What%27s the matter?
11. podekscytowany
excited, I%27m boiling., tired, surprised
12. zmartwiony
worried, sad (unhappy), What%27s the matter?, I%27m boiling.
13. zły (na kogoś)
angry, in love, excited, hungry
14. przestraszony
frightened (scared), worried, What%27s the matter?, He doesn%27t feel well.
15. distant learning zakłopotany
embarassed , surprised, happy, I%27m freezing.
16. zaskoczony
surprised, in love, angry, embarassed
17. zakochany
in love, upset, happy, What%27s the matter?
18. zasmucony i zdenerwowany
upset, surprised, What%27s the matter?, worried