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Feelings 4 (OWS 7A-B)

Choose the correct phrase.

1. wściekły
furious, sympathetic, proud, to hurt sb%27s feelings
2. zdumiony
astonished, miserable, to hurt sb%27s feelings, upset
3. zrozpaczony
heartbroken create online quizzes , thrilled, emotional, jealous
4. przerażony
terrified, furious, heartbroken, sensitive
5. nieszczęśliwy
miserable, moody, upset, anxious
6. dumny
proud, sensitive, sympathetic, moody
7. zazdrosny
jealous, anxious, insensitive, upset
8. zaniepokojony
anxious, supportive, moody, miserable
9. zmartwiony i zdenerwowany
upset, emotional, thrilled, supportive
10. emocjonalny
emotional, sympathetic, moody, furious
11. wrażliwy; delikatny
sensitive, upset, heartbroken, astonished
12. w złym nastroju
in a bad mood, upset, moody, miserable
13. ranić czyjeś uczucia
to hurt sb%27s feelings, scared stiff, supportive, miserable
14. humorzasty
moody, furious, jealous, emotional
15. współczujący
sympathetic, supportive, sensitive, miserable
16. oddany, ofiarny
supportive, emotional, thrilled, terrified
17. sztywny z przerażenia
scared stiff, to hurt sb%27s feelings, astonished, upset
18. nieczuły; niewrażliwy
insensitive, moody, astonished, proud