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OxWord I/9/A-B/2 (Families)

Choose the correct translation.

1. rodzina, w której jest jeden rodzic
a single parent family, a stepfather, to take after sb, to support
2. przybrani rodzice
foster parents, previous generations, ancestors, to bring up
3. adoptowany
adopted, to bring up, previous generations, a single parent family
4. rozwiedziony
divorced, a member of a family , a stepmother, a single parent family
5. wspomagać
to support, to take after sb, to bring up, a stepsister
6. wychować
to bring up, to support, immigrants, previous generations
7. ojczym
a stepfather, a single parent family, to support, a stepsister
8. help students assimilate material macocha
a stepmother, a stepfather, to be related to sb, a member of a family
9. przyrodni brat
a stepbrother, a stepfather, a member of a family , a stepmother
10. przybrana siostra
a stepsister, a royal family, originally, adopted
11. pasierb
a stepson, to bring up, adopted, a stepbrother
12. pasierbica
a stepdaughter, to support, foster parents, adopted
13. educational activities być z kimś spokrewnionym
to be related to sb, a stepfather, previous generations, a stepdaughter
14. rodzina królewska
a royal family, a stepmother, ancestors, relatives
15. członek rodziny
a member of a family , relatives, to take after sb, a stepdaughter
16. przodkowie
ancestors, to be related to sb, a royal family, relatives
17. imigranci
immigrants, a stepsister, to look like sb, a stepmother
18. poprzednie pokolenia
previous generations, foster parents, divorced, a stepbrother
19. krewni
relatives, originally, adopted, immigrants
20. pierwotnie
originally, to bring up, a member of a family , a stepdaughter
21. być do kogoś podobnym (z wyglądu)
to look like sb, to take after sb, relatives, immigrants
22. wdać się w kogoś (z charakterem)
to take after sb, a stepmother, divorced, a stepbrother