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GGB 42/10*

1. learnt
learn, leave, take, shut
2. quiz builder left
leave, tell, sit, say
3. let
let, know, say, pay
4. create online activities made
make, tell, shut, sit
5. interactive paid
pay, learn, read, tell
6. put
put, tell, know, pay
7. read
read, know, say, let
8. said
say, shut, write, let
9. shut
shut, sit, tell, learn
10. matching excercise sat
sit, take, speak, put
11. online education spoke
speak, learn, tell, read
12. stood
stand, learn, take, let
13. took
take, sit, put, make
14. told
tell, know, leave, learn
15. educational activities thought
think, read, learn, sit
16. wrote
write, sit, leave, shut