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Simple Present

1. Robert ____ in China
live, lives, lived, to live
2. Alice ____ up at 6am every Fridays.
wakes, waked results , wakies, wake
3. Paul and Helen____ 4 different languages.
speak, speakes, speaks, to speak
4. Mary ____ from Chile
come class page , came, comies, comes
5. Peter ___ to play soccer
likes, likies, to like, like
6. Heather ____ German
don%27t speaks, doesn%27t speaks, don%27t speak, doesn%27t speak
7. Robby ____ with his co-workers
don%27t fights, doesn%27t fight, doesn%27t fights, don%27t fight
8. online education Keith and Richard ____ from the USA
come, comes, to come, comies
9. Peter and I ___ together to the airport
goes, gos, go, to go