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THINK TEEN 3rd grade Unit 3 vocabulary

Match the words and their definitions. You can use the Merriam-Webster%27s Advanced Learner%27s Dictionary if you want.

dizzy, head for , accelerate, discount, collocation, thrills and spills teaching , vertical, equal computer assisted language learning , avoid, unique, height, inertia online activities , probe, imply, response, plague,

the distance above a surface, going straight up/down, a device that collects information from outer space, the same in number or quality, a price reduction, to gain speed, answer, a particular combination of words , very special, only one of its kind, to suggest without saying e-learning , stay away from (someone or something) , move towards class web page , feeling that you are going to fall online learning games , a very exciting or enjoyable event or experience, a deadly disease, lack of movement,