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2.2 vocabulaire

gros, joli, gate, roux, maigre, drole, fatigue assess performance , grand, triste, bon quiz generator , au contraire, timide, pas du tout, desagreable, poli, blond, sympa, bete, comment est ton ami, brun, pourquoi, cale, pauvre, energique online activities , parce que print quizzes , petit, le voisin, sage, formidable, le copain, le camarade,

what is your friend like, shy, heavyset/fat, not at all, well behaved, spoiled, sad, classmate, unkind /unpleasant, poor results history , well, ok, good, small/short interactive , on the contrary, red-headed educational games , burnette, great, energetic, because, friend, why, funny, skinny/thin, neighbor, blond, polite, smart, pretty, tired, dumb, big/tall, nice,