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vocabulario 3.2

hoy no, todos los dias, te gustaria, puedes, ocupado, en el invierno, quieres, de nada, ir de compras quiz builder , loco online activities , adonde educational activities , conmigo, puedo, con nosotros, me gustaria, cansado, claro que no, tu estas, en el verano, ir de pesca, que lastima, quiero, genial, estar, triste, enfermo, ir a una fiesta, yo estoy, contigo, preocupado, alegre,

you would like, you%27re welcome active teaching , you want, where, not today, great, sick, every day, to go to a party, with me, I want, of course not, to be, to go shopping invite students , sad, busy, I am, to go fishing, I would like, in the summer, tired, crazy, what a shame, you can/are able to, in the winter, worried, with us, with you ESL , happy, I can/am able to , you are,