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Mi Info, Su Info*

This is a PRACTICE type activity. You may repeat it until you get 100%25.

1. How did the guy in Video 2 know about Logan cheating on his girlfriend?
4, 6, 10, none,
2. Which teen in Video 2 had no information online to share?
he saw it in a chat room, he just guessed results history , he found it in a quiz she posted, he saw it on Twitter,
3. What did he use to get to a Newsgroup containing more of Teresa%27s information? (Video 1)
he saw it on facebook, he googled Nick%27s email address, a friend of Nick%27s told him, he found it in the phone book,
4. Why is it important not to share information online? (There are several correct answers)
Will, Nick, Logan, Kayla,
5. In just 20 minutes, how many items of personal information was he able to get on Teresa? (Video 1)
his Twitter account had the same username, he was in Instagram all the time, he posted his email, none of the other answers is correct,
6. In Video 1, where did he first find Teresa?
on Facebook, a chat room, her email, a blog,
7. How many clicks did it take to find out the information in VIdeo 2?
her Facebook account, she posted it in a blog, her email address, her home address on Twitter,
8. In Video 1, what information did he use to find Teresa%27s last name and home address?
her facebook account, her email, her username, her phone number,
9. In Video 2, how did he know Kayla%27s favorite pony?
6, 8, 13, none,
10. How did he find Nick%27s gamer tag in Video 2?
You might think a stranger is ok because they know some thing about you., You can lead a predator directly to your school or home., You can allow people to know when you might be alone., Nothing! It%27s ok to share information online.,