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More Greece Review

There are only five questions. Play this over and over until you KNOW both the questions and answers by heart. Pay attention when the correct answer is revealed to you.

1. build your own quiz Which of the following epic poems was Homer%27s account of Greece%27s war with Troy? In the story, Helen is kidnapped from Menelaus by the Trojan prince Paris.
The Iliad, The Aeneid, The Odyssey, Beowulf
2. The fall of Alexander%27s empire, the fall of Asoka%27s Mauryan empire, the fall of the Egyptians after Ramses II, and the fall of the Han empire all had what thing in common?
Earthquakes caused a decline food %26 learning., People rebelled against strong, cruel leaders. build your own quiz , Weak rulers couldn%27t fend off rebellion %26 outside attacks., Land size grew too large to be ruled effectively by one ruler.
3. Democracy, drama (comic and tragic plays), monarchy, literature, art, and architecture Which of the above is NOT an influence on life in the U.S.?
Architecture, Monarchy, Drama, Literature
4. Philip II, King of Macedonia, wanted to invade and conquer the Persian Empire, but he died before completing his goal. Which was his final accomplishment?
crossing the Indus River before his men insisted he return home, freeing the Greek city-states from Persian rule, winning at the Battle of Gaugamela near Babylon, crushing the Greek allies at the Battle of Chaeronea