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Internet History

This is a PRACTICE type activity so you may repeat it as often as necessary. Questions 1-12: Complete the statements taken from the slideshow titled %22Internet Development%22 on Brainshark. Questions 13-20: Select the correct item in the drop-down list.

1. The U.S. decided two things were needed for communications if there was a nuclear attack--what were they?
led to the idea of remote connection., was the only way to use the computer., was more efficient., made IBM more money.,
2. Batch processing is when you did, one, job, at, a, time.
end the cold war., invest in banking., launch a military strike., act to catch up with technology.,
3. What event made the U.S. realize how vulnerable we were to nuclear attack?
universities and the military., businesses., Bill Gates, IBM,
4. Time sharing was an important step because it #.
organized, network, educational, satellite,
5. When the Soviets launched Sputnik, it woke up the U.S. to the need to #.
analog, routing, TCP/IP, internet,
6. Doing one job at a time is called #.
using binary code instead of the alphabet, exchanging packets for money, breaking files into smaller sizes before sending, switching computers at banks,
7. Our first computer network, the Arpanet, was developed by #.
computer language, binary code, using computers for science., a network of networks.,
8. The first, network of computers, in the US, was called, The Arpanet.
undefined, undefined educational games , undefined, undefined,
9. An idea that led to networks of computers was, more computers, connected in smaller distances, by land rather than radio waves
undefined, undefined, undefined, undefined,
10. Time sharing led to, remote, connections, between computers.
undefined, undefined, undefined, undefined,
11. What idea did the French Cyclades network contribute to Internet Development?
undefined, undefined online quizzes , undefined, undefined,
12. The Russian satellite, Sputnik, woke up the US, for the need to devlop, computer systems.
Invasion of Miami, Russia attacked the U.S. dynamic quiz , 1964 Olympics, Cuban Missile Crisis,
13. The idea of using special computers to simply move packets along their pathway was called #.
Radio connections and a Centralized structure, Land-based connections and a Centralized structure, Land-based connections and a Networked structure, Digital connections and a one-on-one structure,
14. What common language was developed that could be used by all networks of computers?
undefined, undefined, undefined, undefined,
15. Which idea that led to networks of computers came from the English banking system?
computers connected by land, packet switching, routers, TCP/IP,
16. Packet switching, is breaking a message or file into sections, then putting them back together, at the recieving end.
undefined, undefined, undefined, undefined,
17. Routing computers made it faster because,each message did not have to be read,but could simply be routed,to its destination.
packet switching, search engines improve results , network of networks, online banking,
18. In France, CYCLADES (a scientific network) used the idea of #
undefined, undefined, undefined, undefined,
19. The Cuban Missile Crisis convinced our gonvernment to change from a centralized communication structure to a # type of structure that was connected by land and not radio.
English, binary, Cyclades, TCP/IP,