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match the words and their definitions

DICTIONARY USE ADVANCED LEARNERS (C2 LEVEL - ECPE) use the electronic dictionary Merriam-Webster%27s English Learner%27s Online Dictionary and match the words %26 their definitions TIP: choose the answers you are sure about first!

legendary quiz builder , nifty, loquacious, placid, martial, liable, rugged, halcyon, ingenuous create online activities , ragged, quick-witted, lithe, ornery, squishy, parsimonious, morose,

very famous crossword maker , in a bad condition, soft %26 wet, legally responsible e-learning , of war/soldiers, moving in a graceful way, easily annoyed, talking smoothly, innocent, honest, good, useful, attractive invite students , unwilling to spend money, with a rough surface, very happy %26 successful, serious, unhappy, quiet, able to think quickly, not easily upset improve results ,