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S2 - 1-Progressive ideas

**DUE DATE - - TUESDAY AND WEDNESDAY - - next week **Please complete this activity until earning 90%25 at least once.

recall, temperance class web page , child labor law plans, 18th amendment online learning games , muckraker improve results , Shame of the Cities, Alice Paul , New Woman, federal Comstock law, ballot, Lewis Hine, settlement house movement, Federal Reserve , city commission , NAWSA, Woodrow Wilson %22black mark%22, Wisconsin idea class page , Bull Moose Party, stricter fire code regulations passed as a result, Progressive, Social Gospel, suffrage or franchise, eugenics, Newlands Act, Thomas Johnson, YMCA and Salvation Army programs, How the Other Half Lives by Jacob Riis, Margaret Sanger, Muller versus Oregon,

each member focused upon particular urban responsibilities, effort to restrict alcohol consumption in some way, professionals or professors provide advice to gov. agencies, action which can remove an official from office, called out for tolerating segregation of bureaucracy, form used to vote , upheld limiting work hours for women under a state law, Triangle Shirtwaist disaster, group supporting Theodore Roosevelt in 1912 election create online activities , maintained regulations over money supply and discount rate, Cleveland mayor who attempted to limit the power of city businesses, funded Western irrigation projects with federal land sale profits, early 20th century efforts such as Keating-Owing Act failed to tackle this , bolder female prepared to be more assertive in the public sphere, ability to vote, effort to create superior or favored plants or animals quiz generator , writer who exposed corruption in part of society, general religious philosophy to assist urban poor, Addams assistance to immigrants with urban charity distant learning , promoted birth control through a publication, Steffens work focused upon urban political corruption computer assisted language learning , blocked passage of birth control material across states or in mail, started Prohibition, reformer focused upon changes to deal with societal problems, publication exposed living challenges of urban poor, Social Gospel efforts to improve lives of urban citizens, organization many suffragists united behind in late 1800%27s, National Woman%27s Party elearning , sought to expose child labor and poor factory conditions,