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Sparta, Athens, or Both?

Sparta, Athens, Both, group_name4,

Women couldn%27t vote, Boys%27 education focused on military training, Boys could read and write, Boys received a well-rounded education, Women couldn%27t leave the house without a male escort, Women could own property, Government was an oligarchy, Government was a democracy, There were slaves, Trading center of the Greek world, Discouraged interaction with other city-states, Disgusting food, online learning games Girls married at 14-15, Girls married at 19-20, %22Imperfect%22 children left to die on a hillside (exposure), Welcomed foreigners, Retired from military service at age 60, Enjoyed arts, literature, music, etc., All male gatherings were typical evening events, Focus for women was on housekeeping, A woman%27s primary purpose was to produce children, Worshipped Olympian gods and goddesses, Powerful city-state,