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Sparta, Athens, or Both?

Sparta, Athens, Both, group_name4,

Women couldn%27t vote, Boys%27 education focused on military training, Boys could read and write, Boys received a well-rounded education, Women couldn%27t leave the house without a male escort, crossword maker Women could own property, Government was an oligarchy, Government was a democracy, active teaching There were slaves, Trading center of the Greek world, Discouraged interaction with other city-states, Disgusting food, Girls married at 14-15, invite students Girls married at 19-20, %22Imperfect%22 children left to die on a hillside (exposure), Welcomed foreigners, educational games Retired from military service at age 60, Enjoyed arts, literature, music, etc., class web page All male gatherings were typical evening events, Focus for women was on housekeeping, A woman%27s primary purpose was to produce children, Worshipped Olympian gods and goddesses, Powerful city-state,