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Midterm Review Two

Please complete until earning at least a 90%25.

yeoman farmer, Mexican War english , industrial laborers during early 1800%27s, Kansas Nebraska Act, temperance, Great Triumvirate, Civil War grading , circuit rider, peculiar insitution, Revolution of 1800, Sherman Ant-Trust Act, James Polk, revival, New South, Missouri Compromise, Compromise of 1850,

Great Expansionist, 1840%27s president, movement promoting moderate use of alcohol, alternative name for slavery english , 1846-1848 conflict, supposed dramatic change brought by Jefferson, average person who made a living off of the land, legislation meant to limit or restrict monopolies, a more economically diversified and industrial region, Second Great Awakening travelling preacher class website , Webster, Clay and Calhoun, farm girls plus western Europeans , Maine free / Missouri slave / 36, 30 line, popular sovereignty used on slavery issue for Nebraska, 1861-1865 conflict, intense religious meeting, California free plus popular sovereignty for Utah %26 N. Mexico,