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Midterm Review One

Please complete until earning at least a 90%25.

Poor Richard%27s Almanack, Pontiac, Embargo Act, Century of Dishonor, Compromise of 1850, Hudson River School ESL , Separtists, Treaty of 1818, transcendentalist, Anne Hutchinson, Sedition Act, cult of domesticity, Letters from a Pennsylvania Farmer, Dawes Act, states%27 rights, headright system,

set joint American-British occupation of Oregon, indentured servants brought to colonies in return for land, advice %26 weather publication by Franklin, emphasized that there was taxation without representation, Federalist legislation limited speech of Adams critics online quizzes , eighteenth century landscape painters, tasks centered around home care and child rearing, late 19th law promoting Native American assimilation, opposed white movement beyond Appalachians, Jefferson era legislation ending trade with foreign nations, text focused upon plight of Native Americans , Plymouth Puritans who broke from Anglican Church, contained stiff Fugitive Slave Act web tool , regional government authority desired by South, aggressively challenged Puritan leadership , intellectual who believed in spiritual aspects of nature,