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Feelings 1 (OWS I 7A-B)


He was thrilled invite students , I think I%27m quite sensitive,, I lost his keys:, In general,, I felt very proud, You look very miserable., He was anxious printable , I was astonished, Sally was very upset, I was terrified, My boyfriend is very jealous, I%27m an emotional person, When people have personal problems,, She was heartbroken, When I%27m in a bad mood, quiz , I%27m sensitive,

I think I%27m quite a moody person. class website , to hear he was married., I sometimes hurt people%27s feelings., about my appearance., because no one spoke to her., and I like to show my feelings., so I try not to upset other people., before he went into hospital., when her father died., he was absolutely furious., when I%27m with other boys., to win and he kissed the cup., I think I%27m usually very sympathetic and supportive., when my book was published., when the plane took off., What%27s wrong?,