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Advanced Flow Chart Knowledge Test

1. How many arrows should feed out of a decision box?
1, 2, 3, 0
2. What are the two headings used in a boolean decision table?
Condition, Action, Decision, Selection
3. What is the symbol called for the start and end of a Flowchart?
Terminator, Connector, Selector, Inspector
4. A rectangle which represents a single step in the flowchart?
Process elearning , Selection, Sequence, Decision
5. In which test strategy can a Flowchart be developed?
Black Box, V-Model testing, White Box (Boolean Logic), Extreme testing
6. build your own quiz How many arrows should feed into a decision box?
1 language , 3, 0, 4
7. online activities Where should you add a Data Store in a flow chart?
After the start Terminator, Before a Decision Box, Before information is send to an Output Box., After the end Terminator
8. When should you use an Output Box?
After the start Terminator, In the No response section of a Decision Box., Just Before the end Terminator., Between a Process and a Decision Box