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idiomatic expressions

find the best word or phrase to put at the empty space...

1. When your child is acting selfish, you can say this: “You%27re acting like a __________”
explore, mangle, dislike,
2. This formal phrase lets people know to pay attention to something: “Please __________ that all applications must be accompanied by two letters of recommendation. ”
expect, note, mind,
3. To pronounce something really badly: “I know I%27m going to _________ this...”
seriously, actively, focused,
4. One way to fix something is to try a lot of different options. There%27s a phrase to describe this process: “I%27ll _________ around with it for a while.”
deplore, pain in the bud, pain in the neck,
5. This means to do an activity seriously: “They%27re not _________ searching for a replacement yet.”
ego player, selfcentric, egomaniac,
6. A formal word which means %22ignore%22 or %22don%27t pay attention to%22: “Please _________ my last message. It was mistakenly sent to the wrong group.”
shady character, vague character print quizzes , shadow walker,
7. You say this when you think someone is trying to surprise you: “Does that mean _________ it means?”
Let%27s be fair, I%27m known, You know me,
8. What do you call a person who pretends to give you something you want, and then takes it away? “You%27re such a ________!”
what I think, what I guess, what I hope,
9. This word describes a person who does silly, embarrassing things: “You%27re such a _______”
goofball, endocryne distance learning , egomaniac,
10. How can you introduce some information about yourself that people already know? “_________: I%27m not one to chitchat on the phone for too long.”
crackbird, fool, tease,
11. What expression do parents use when their kids aren%27t eating properly? “Quit __________ your food!”
dismiss, disregard, avoid,
12. This is an expression for showing your sympathy to people who are in pain: “My ____________ to all the victims of this tragic event.”
heart goes out, heart goes, heart goes close,
13. Say this to a person who causes problems for you: “You%27re a real __________, you know?”
play, fix, fiddle,
14. This word means a person who%27s very interested in themselves: “What an ________!”
playing around with, playing with, messing with,