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OxWord B/34/2*** (I can talk about my country)

1. important, serious, large, or great: #
beach, coast, capital,
2. not near a coast: #
famous, high, long online quizzes ,
3. the city where a country or region has its government: #
popular, major, inland,
4. the official line separating two countries or regions: #
major, enormous, popular,
5. if someone or something is #, a lot of people know their name or have heard about them
high, long, enormous,
6. an area of land beside a sea: #
mountain, border, coast,
7. an area of sand or small stones beside the sea or a lake: #
coast, border, beach mix questions ,
8. a natural structure like a very big hill that is much higher than the usual level of land around it: #
coast, beach, mountain,
9. very large in size or quantity: #
coast, mountain create online quizzes , capital,