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Unit 8 - Gilded Age multiple choice

1. The new immigration included the
Poles, Russians and Japanese., French, Germans and Vietnamese. printable , Japanese, Chinese and Irish., Russians, Italians and Chinese.
2. Consider the circumstances surrounding the election of 1896. Which set represented an appropriate match of ideas from this contest?
Bryan, bimetallism, Democrat, Cross of Gold, Cleveland, Democrat, Pewter Chalice, McKinley, silverite, Republican, Crossbow of Silver, Debs, Socialist, Copper Handcuff
3. Pete, an average Populist, appreciated
the wisdom of state officials in selecting United States Senators., the support of the gold standard by William McKinley., the kind and generous nature of railroads in setting rates., bimetallism as a way in which to generate inflation.
4. assess performance Steel was an important building material in the late ninetenth century which enabled the construction of
railroads for the first time., urban trollies for the first time., skyscrapers for the first time., duplex telegraph machines for the first time.
5. During the Second Industrial Revolution, %22capital%22 usually referred to
money used to start businesses or expand them. online activities , resources gleaned from underground mines such as coal., employees hired to manage factories on the East Coast., laborers who travelled from Italy to the United States East Coast.
6. The following terms are directly connected with the decline of Native American tribes with the exception of (the)
Dawes Act. , Little Bighorn, Montana., assimilation., Wounded Knee, South Dakota.
7. language Intended as a way in which to limit monopolies and trusts, the ___________ Anti-Trust Act was _____________________________.
Garfield, enforced in a strict manner in the late 1800%27s, Wilson, enforced in a strict manner in the early 1900%27s, Sherman, incorrectly applied in the late 1800%27s, Johnson, incorrectly applied in the early 1900%27s
8. The Knights of Labor underwent a decline after ______________________________
being blamed for the Haymarket Square bombing., being blamed for the Times Square noise pollution., being blamed for the Camden Yards explosion., being blamed for the Galveston flooding.
9. Foreclosure means
financial bonus or benefit., promotion based on long term commitment to the Civil Service., losing property when unable to make loan payments., favoritism for the spoils system.