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2011 Vocabulary Review

cuneiform, Diaspora prepare quiz , karma, embalming, delta, proverbs, algorithm, hieroglyphics, civilization generate answer keys , nirvana, artisan, acupuncture, city-state invite students , Kosher, monotheism, artifacts matching excercise , scribe, nomads, pilgrims, domesticate, aristocrats, exile educational games , pictographs, Monsoons, bureaucracy, caravans, tribute, technology, theocracy, fossils, caste learning , irrigation, subcontinent, specialization, Sanskrit, dharma, polytheism, rabbi, filial piety assess performance , papyrus, deities, dynasty, reincarnation, synagogue, covenant, alphabet, empire, surplus,

traces of plants and animals, a city %26 the land around it - with its own inde-pendent,gov%27t, the written language of ancient India, people trained to write; record keepers, forced payment to a more powerful ruler, tools and methods humans use to perform tasks, being forced to leave your homeland, rebirth of soul , weapons, tools, %26 other things made by humans, development of different kinds of jobs, teachers of the Torah, a social group that someone is born into %26 cannot change help students assimilate material , a person who travels to a religious shrine or site, skilled worker who made metal products, cloth, pottery, etc., the belief in one god, strong winds that greatly affect the climate of South Asia, reed plant that grew along the Nile , a series of steps to solve a mathematical problem , groups of traveling merchants, scattering of the Jews outside of Israel and Judah, a way to bring water to crops, appointed offi-cials in charge of different areas of government , a government headed by religious leaders ESL , group of letters that stand for sounds; Phoeni-cian invention, process of preserving dead modies, complex society w/ art, religion, classes, gov, writing, %26 tech, triangular- shaped area of fertile soil at the mouth of a river printable , a large landmass that is part of a continent - but distinct from it, gods or goddesses, characters that stand for objects in Chinese writing, a state of wisdom reached by giving up one%27s desires, practice of inserting thin needles into skin to ease pain, the divine law; duty, tame plants or animals for human use, Chinese practice where children must respect parents %26 elders, the consequences of how someone lives, the belief in many gods, a line of rulers from the same family, a group of many different lands under one ruler, nobles whose wealth comes from the land they own tool for teachers , people who move from place to place - no settled home, food prepared to Jewish dietary law, Egyptian system of writing with picture %26 sound symbols short answer questions , Jewish house of worship, more than is needed, wise sayings, Mesopotamian writing - wedge shaped marks cut into clay, an agreement or promise,