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Final Exam Practice #2 (MSITA)

1. What does the mouse pointer look like when you are able to move a floating graphic to a new location within a document?
Four-headed arrow, Double-headed arrow, Black arrow, Hand
2. What is the default increment for tab stops in Word 2010?
1.0, 1.5, .5, 2.0
3. Which ribbon contains the command to change the preset margin settings in a Word 2010 document?
Page Layout, Review, Home, Insert
4. Which Editing group tool is used to search for and replace specific text in a document?
Select, Find distant learning , Replace, Locate
5. Which tool on the Home Ribbon lets a user search for text in a document by keying the word into a search box?
Select, Find, Search, Locate
6. What is the name of the view in the File Tab that enables a user to manage files and data about files, and find frequently used features for managing PowerPoint presentation files?
Normal, Background, Backstage View, Edit
7. Which command enables a user to choose from a wide range of animation options?
Animation Pane, Trigger, Add Animation, Animation Painter
8. Which command is used to delete or clear any recorded timing saved for a presentation?
Record slide show, Custom slide show, Rehearse timings, Setup Slideshow
9. Which area is used to specify the length of the transition effect for each slide in a presentation?
Rehearse, Preview, Timing, Duration
10. Which option indicates that a presentation should wait for a mouse click prior to moving to the next slide?
Duration, After, After Mouse Click, On Mouse Click
11. class website Which command is used to test animations on a slide before delivering the presentation?
Preview, Rehearse, Test, Review
12. What type of slide show is created to display only selected slides during a presentation?
Hidden, Broadcast, Custom, Narrated
13. Which Ribbon contains commands that apply an entrance effect to a selected chart?
Transitions, Chart Tools Design, Chart Tools Layout, Animations
14. What is inserted into a slide to illustrate and compare data from a spreadsheet?
Image quiz , Chart, Graph, Diagram
15. When working with tables in slides, what is applied to a table in order to format the borders around the table and cells and to select a color scheme for the table?
Table Theme, Table Layout learning , Table Style, Table Template
16. In a table, what is the intersection of a column and a row called?
Box, Cell, Connector, Block
17. Which Ribbon contains the command to hide a slide in a presentation so that it does not show during the full-screen slide show?
Home, Design, Slide Show, Transitions
18. What Microsoft Word 2010 feature allows users to have lists of information in horizontal rows and vertical columns?
Numerical list, List area, Table, Grid area
19. What controls the variety of fonts, colors, and other visual effects available within a document?
Layout, Style, Theme, Design
20. Which of the following is a set of colors that complement each other when used in the same publication?
Font scheme, Template, Design scheme, Color scheme
21. In which area in a Publisher 2010 publication template can a user begin typing text immediately with a single click?
Typescript, Image, Placeholder, Copy
22. Which of the following is a series of lines beginning with a character or symbol that may be placed in publications?
Bulleted list, Ordered list, Numbered list, Unordered list
23. online quizzes What is modifying the appearance of a publication called?
Stylingweb page, Formatting, Editing, Designing
24. Which Ribbon in Publisher 2010 contains the command to automatically increase the font size?
Format, Page Design, Home, Insert
25. Which procedure automatically adjusts the way that text is sized in a textbox?
AutoResize, AutoFormat, AutoCorrect, AutoFit
26. What are items such as sounds, videos, and other media files called in Microsoft Publisher 2010 called?
Clips, Graphics activity , Images, Illustrations
27. Which feature of Publisher 2010 enables a user to quickly change a picture to a more visually appealing format?
Caption, Effect, Style, Arrangement
28. Which feature does Publisher 2010 provide to assist a user with the placement and alignment of one object to another object?
Guides, Handles, Grids, Rules
29. What are the small shapes that are displayed around an object when it is selected?
Rules, Guides, Grids, Handles
30. Which group on the Home Ribbon contains the commands for controlling text alignment in a publication?
Arrange, Paragraph, Objects, Font
31. Which abbreviation refers to a file being stored and transferred electronically on a file server for display on the Web?
32. When text is selected in a publication, which Ribbon becomes visible?
Format Tools, Text Format, Text Box Tools, Text Tools
33. What is a decorative large capital letter that is typically placed that the beginning of a section or paragraph?
Paragraph Mark, Ligature, Drop Cap, Swash
34. Which command is used to copy the formatting of one piece of text or objects to a different piece of text or objects?
Format Painter, Copy, Cut, Paste