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Final Exam Practice (MSITA)

1. online What is the name of the Microsoft Word 2010 feature that offers an optional display showing symbols indicating a tab, space or use of the Enter key?
Formatting symbols, Word symbols, Formatting characters, Show/Hide Feature
2. Where is the zoom control slider located in the Microsoft Word 2010 window?
View ribbon, Title bar create online activities , Status bar, Home ribbon
3. quiz Which method is used to insert new lines into a document?
Arrow down, Use the Enter key, Use the Tab key, Use the Insert key
4. What is the result of using the Enter key on the keyboard?
Word wrap begins, Margins are set, A tab is inserted, A new paragraph begins
5. What action is necessary when saving a document for the first time in Microsoft Word 2010?
Non-printing characters must be activated, A file name must be assigned, Print settings must be set, Margins must be established
6. Which is a method for moving quickly to the bottom of a document?
Ctrl-End, Ctrl-Down Arrow, Ctrl-Home, Ctrl-Page Down
7. What is the proper method for viewing a document in Print Layout?
Triple-click the document, Right-click in the document and choose Print Layout, Choose the View ribbon and select the Print Layout option, Use Print Preview
8. teacher Which reference does the Microsoft Word 2010 Spell Check feature rely upon?
Microsoft Word%27s Built-in dictionary, The Internet, Webster%27s Built-in dictionary,
9. What is the feature that enables a user to add a statement in a document%27s margin about that section of the document?
Notes, Markup, Text box, Comment
10. online activities Which Microsoft 2010 feature marks and follows revisions made in a document by other users?
Comments, Track changes, Notes, Markup
11. The amount of space before and after each paragraph in a document is known as:
Font size, Margins, Paragraph spacing, Line spacing
12. online quizzes While in the Insert Hyperlink dialog box, which command must precede an email address to identify the hyperlink as an email address link?
Mailto:, eMail:, Mail:, eMailTo:
13. In Microsoft Publisher 2010, which is considered to be the largest text in the publication?
Headline, Title, Header, Top
14. Which feature in Microsoft Publisher 2010 restores your work in the event of a system failure but should not be used as a means of saving publications.
AutoSave, AutoRecover, AutoReturn, AutoRestore
15. Which software program is a full-featured desktop publishing program that allows you to create professional-looking publications and revise them easily?
Microsoft PowerPoint, Microsoft Word, Microsoft Publisher, Microsoft Outlook
16. stimulate your students What is the default view for publications in Publisher 2010?
Master Page View, Normal View crossword maker , Publication View, Single Page View
17. Which area presents information about the publication being created, the progress of current tasks, and the status of certain commands and keys.
Status bar, Quick access toolbar, Scroll bars, Title bar
18. mix questions Which area is located at the top left of the Publisher 2010 window and provides convenient, one-click access to frequently used commands?
Status bar, Scroll bars, Title bar, Quick Access Toolbar
19. How are the Ribbon commands separated for logical placement?
In sections, In groups, In boxes, In submenus
20. What is the area accessed through the File tab called?
Options View, Information View, Background View, Backstage View
21. How does Publisher 2010 refer to single page announcements that announce personal, business, or other messages?
Document, Flyer, Handout, Letter
22. In Publisher 2010, what is created to clearly identify the purpose of the flyer and typically appears in large, bold letters?
Tagline, List, Attention Getter, Headline
23. A file that is a starting point for creating other files without recreating formatting or common text.
Document, Template, Scheme, Document Format
24. When selecting a new file, what is the gallery of small images in the backstage view called?
Thumbnails, Icons, Clips, Pics
25. Which of the following is a set of colors that complement each other when used in the same publication?
Font scheme, Color scheme activity , Design scheme, Template
26. Which is a defined set of typefaces associated with a publication?
Font scheme, Design scheme, Template, Color scheme
27. What is the appearance and shape of letters, numbers, and special characters that appear in a publication called?
Typeface, Typestyle, Font, Lettering
28. stimulate your students Which is an object in a publication designed to hold text in a specific shape, size, and style?
Text box, Shape, Image, Text area
29. In which area in a Publisher 2010 publication template can a user begin typing text immediately with a single click?
Typescript, Image, Placeholder, Copy