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Week 7 Period 1, English Definitions, Set 2, Word Power Intermed

academic, anxious, mood, arouse, sympathy, constant, enthusiastic, sensitive, sympathetic crossword maker , in vain, stubborn, timid, discipline, commitment, vain, transfer educational activities , desperate, requirement class page , astronaut, reluctant, depressed, content quiz ,

to cause a mental state, showing fear or nervousness, showing concern about someone who is in a bad situation , not willing or eager to do something , having a strong need for something , easily afftected by something in a way that is not pleasant or good, relating to schools and education, an activity that is done regularly as a way of self-training, too proud of your own looks, without success, the feeling you care about someone else%27s trouble save time , the ideas that are in a book, speech, movie, etc., the way someone feels, feeling sad, to change from one plane, bus, or train to another while traveling , happening very often over a period of time, showing strong excitement about something, something that is needed or must be done, refusing to change your ideas or to stop doing something, a promise to do something, a person who travels in a spacecraft into outer space, showing a lack of courage or confidence,