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Week 1 Period 2, Review Test 1, Word Power Intermediate

1. When Harriet was in graduate school, she was allways busy with _____ work.
accepted, academic, academy, educational
2. After he quit the police force, Jim became an instructor at the police _____.
institution, academic, academy, school
3. activity Please sign your name here to confirm your _____ of our terms and conditions.
acceptable, accept, accepted, acceptance
4. English is the _____ standard language of many subjects at the university, except for subjects like Chinese Philosophy or History.
accept, accepted, acceptable, acceptance
5. Steve applied for _____ to several different universities in the United States.
application, registration, admission, addition
6. _____ to the museum is free for senior citizens.
Application quiz generator , Registration, Enrollments, Admission
7. The boys%27 and girls%27 _____ are located on opposite sides of the campus.
bathrooms, restraurants, laboratories, dormitories
8. This school was set up to _____ deaf children.
apply, inform, educate, register
9. Steven went through 14 years of school in the Singaporean _____ system.
educational, traditional, additional, international
10. Most of the studetns in this _____ school will also go to the same junior high school.
elementary ESL , secondary, senior, adult
11. Mark has _____ in a training course for flight attendants.
enrolled, applied, called, transferred
12. My mom _____ from Pedagogical Academy with a degree in education 30 years ago.
came online , issued, graduated, transfered
13. Popular Bank is one of the largest financial _____ in Cyprus.
location, institutions, incorporations, buildings
14. There is a _____ in the gym where children can play while their parents work out.
nursery, laboratory, restaurant, bathroom
15. We encoruage students to _____ at least a month before the courses begin.
apply, admit, register, transfer
16. You should _____ your scooter or the police will give you a ticket.
apply, inform, register, paint
17. Please fill out the _____ form and turn it in before due day.
application, registration, duration, report
18. A basic knowledge of computers is one of the admission _____ for this course.
applications, registrations, enrollments, requirements
19. ESL My older brother got a _____ to the New York Institute of Art. He didn%27t pay for the registration.
flight, ticket, scholarship, registration
20. _____ is changing fast. Current electronic products are soon replaced by newer ones.
Biology online learning games , Psychology, Technology, Communication