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Through the Tunnel Vocabulary

Use this site to practice the vocabulary words from %22Through the Tunnel.%22 This test will occur before Christmas break. Use your time wisely.

apologetic, buoyant, chivalry, myriad, luminous, gravely, triumph, contrition, craving, conscientious, promotoriesweb page, inquisitive, supplication, impatient, defiant grading , beseech,

code of behavior for knights and their ladies, to beg eagerly for, boldly resistant, careful; painstaking; particular, great or eager desire; yearning, eager for knowledge, remorse or penitence, restless in desire or expectation, high point of land or rock projectiong into sea, radiating light, tending to float in liquid, a very great number of persons or things, serious or somber, a written or spoken expression of regret, significant success or achievement, humble prayer,