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ต่อแต้ม Do you know how to play dominoes? Match 2 dominoes.

Where is Beijing?, Canada is in_________, What%27s the capital of Thailand?, What city do you want to go to?, What%27s the capital of Laos? , What%27s your favorite country?, Is Thailand in Africa?, Kenya is a country in_____, Is France in Europe?, What%27s the capital of Malaysia?, Brazil is in__________ , What%27s the capital of Myanmar?, What language do people speak in India? quiz builder , Japan is a country in______ quiz generator , What country do you want to go to?, Can you speak Chinese?,

Thailand!, Africa, I want to go to Jakarta. It%27s the capital of Indonesia., Asia, Hindi mix questions , It%27s Vientiane educational games , It%27s Bangkok, It%27s Kuala Lumpur, It%27s in China active teaching , North America, South America, Yes, it is, No, it%27s not print quizzes , I want to go to Japan., It%27s Yangon, No, I can%27t,