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The Devil%27s Dictionary 3 (NEF Pre 1D)


A zoo is a place, Lipstick is something, A journalist is a person, A composer is somebody, A bank is a place, A pupil is someone, A builder is a person, Matches are things, A cap is something multiple choice questions , A health spa is a place, A bookshop is a place, A library is a place teacher , A receptionist is a person, An iPod is something web 2.0 , A haidresser is somebody, Scissors are things,

which you play music with., who builds houses., which you use to put on your lips., who answers the phone., where you buy books., where you keep your money. learning , where you borrow books., where you relax and feel good., which you wear on your head., who works for a newspaper or magazine., who cuts your hair., who writes music., which you use to light a fire., who goes to a primary school., which you use to cut paper with., where animals live.,