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Winners 2 (Storyfun for Starters)

Wybierz właściwe zdanie lub zwrot.

1. dobry w łapaniu
good at catching, We%27re the winners!, run very fast, good at throwing
2. dobry w odbijaniu
good at bouncing, run very fast, good at catching, They%27ve got four.
3. dobry w rzucaniu
good at running, Well done!, good at throwing, good at catching
4. biegać bardzo szybko
run very fast, good at throwing, Can you jump?, good at running
5. bardzo wysoki
very tall, They%27ve got four., Can you run fast? , Our team is smiling.
6. Jaki jest wynik?
What%27s the score?, Can you jump? online quizzes , Our team is smiling., Can you run fast?
7. help students assimilate material Mamy trzy.
We%27ve got three., good at bouncing, very tall, run very fast
8. Oni mają cztery.
They%27ve got four., good at throwing, good at catching, Can you run fast?
9. Dobrze!
Well done!, good at running, Can you run fast? , We%27re in a basketball team.
10. Nasza dużyna jest uśmiechnięta.
Our team is smiling., We%27ve got three., It%27s in the net!, Can you jump?
11. Jesteśmy zwycięzcami!
We%27re the winners!, good at throwing, What%27s the score?, very tall
12. Potrafisz skakać?
Can you jump?, good at throwing, We%27ve got three., very tall
13. Potrafisz szybko biegać?
Can you run fast? generate answer keys , Can you jump?, We%27re the winners!, Well done!
14. Jesteśmy w drużynie koszykarskiej.
We%27re in a basketball team., run very fast, Can you run fast? , very tall
15. Jest w siatce!
It%27s in the net!, good at throwing, Well done!, We%27re in a basketball team.