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Ancient China (Unit 5)

There are 48 questions in this game. You%27ll need to play several times before you see all of the questions. If you can score 100%25 four times in a row - you will probably do very well on your test.

Reasons why civil service exams favored the rich, Accupuncture, Filial Piety, Reason merchants were not respected in ancient China class website , Silk Road, Xiongnu, Some Han inventions school , Tenant Farmers, Invention of the saddle and stirrup, Mandate of Heaven online learning games , Things you could do if you didn%27t pass the civil service exam, Dynaty, Qin Shihuangdi, Cause of the fall of the Han Dynasty, Bronze, Gobi Desert, Civil Service Exams, Reasons to carry a crossbow interactive , Oracle Bones online activities , Buddhism, Warlords, Huang He or Yellow River, 3 Dynasties of ancient China, Reasons to limit Silk Road good to pricey things, Jobs of China%27s Merchant Class, Spirits, gods, and ancestors assess performance , Great Wall of China, Ways that Qin unified China, Pricey Items carried on the Silk Road, Aristocrats, Overthrow, Han Wudi, Book Burning, Pictographs, Wu Wang, Confucius, Period of the Warring States multiple choice questions , Confucius taught that the needs of your _ should come first., Head of ancient Chinese families, Invention of the Iron Plow, Invetion of rudder %26 a new way to move ship sails, Confuciaism, Liu Bang (later Han Gaozu), Bureaucrat improve results , Chinese Social Classes from Top to Bottom web tool , Subjects on the civil service exam in ancient China, Reasons many Chinese farmers sold out to aristocrats, Ambassador Zhang Qian,

Helped ancient Chinese deal with stress and fair of war tool for teachers , live on land owned by someone else %26 pay rent in crops, landowning aristocrats, farmers, %26 then merchants, They could afford time to study %26 tutors, Built with stone, sand %26 rubble to protect northern China, opened up new farmland which then increased the population, Teach, be an official%27s assistant, live off of your family, Worshipped by ancient Chinese - evidence of polytheism, Formal order stating kings rule because they are chosen by gods, Military leaders who commanded their own armies (Shang Dynasty), Appointed official who is responsible for an area of gov%27t printable , Shopkeepers, Traders, and Bankers, People lost confidence in weak, corrupt rulers (Civil War), 4,000 mile long network of trade routes from China to SW Asia, peasant turned military leader who started Han Dynasty, History, Law, %26 the Teachings of Confucius, Stated that children MUST respect elders and parents educational activities , Nobles whose wealth came from the land they owned, Practice of inserting thin needles into the skin to ease pain, Ancient China%27s first great thinker %26 teacher - emphasized duty, Confucianism, Daoism, Legalism, Beginning of Chinese Writing (ask a question %26 heat for answer), Tea, Spices, Porcelain, %26 (of course) Silk!, Reason that scholars hated Qin%27s rule, Led the rebellion against the Shang %26 started Zhou Dynasty, Philosophy used by Han rulers (only the qualified should rule), What Chinese people could do to a dishonest or evil king, single currency, bult roads, built a a canal, built the Great Wall, Legalist ruler who created a strong central government, Trip was expensive-taxes, difficult, %26 very dangerous, Family and Community, Needed little training, fight on horseback, force %26 accuracy, Average farm size was 1 acre - too little land to feed family, Found no allies - Did discover Silk Road %26 a supply of horses, Almost 200 years of chaos %26 war between battling Chinese states matching excercise , Allowed Chinese to sail south INTO the wind (expanded trade), Characters that stand for objects in Chinese writing multiple choice questions , a line of rulers from the same family, Long, difficult tests to qualify for Han bureaucracy, Home to ancient China%27s first civilization; %22China%27s Sorrow%22, Vast, cold, rocky desert to the North of China; borders Mongolia, Waterwheels, iron drill bits, steel, paper, %26 acupuncture, Allowed soldiers to fight on horseback in heavy armor, They were too involved with money - not with land, wanted only qualified people working for China%27s gov%27t, Oldest male in the household - usually father, Nomads from Gobi who fought on horseback %26 raided China, Metal used by Shang to create sculptures, vases, urns, etc.,