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Shopping on eBay

1. Who paid a lot of money for an old pair of jeans?
what you want to buy, who will pay for it elearning , where you are going to pay for it, how much you want to pay for it,
2. Which of the sentneces below proves your answer in the previous question?
blender,TV,tv,BLENDER, , ,
3. The empty bag of M%26M’s is an example of …
4. Tick the TWO correct answers. If you want to buy something on eBay you have to decide …
because somebody sold a 50,000-year-old mammoth* for £61,000., because it was too big to keep, because there have also been some very unusual things for sale.,
5. The owner sold the mammoth because of its size.
Elvis Presley, the Levi Strauss company, M%26M, eBay,
6. Complete the sentence with one word. A # is an example of something ordinary that is sold on eBay.
an item that you can’t buy, a special offer educational activities , an item that you can buy for a very good pricestimulate your students , a useless item that someone bought for a lot of money,