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BV1 Chapitre 5 : Le verbe « prendre » – Meanings

See p. 168 of your textbook to review this skill.

ils prennent, il prend, on prend, je prends, I%27m taking, they%27re taking, nous prenons, tu prends, elles prennent, you (pl.) are taking, we%27re taking learning , elle prend, prendre web 2.0 , you%27re taking, he%27s taking, vous prenez,

vous prenez, je prends multiple choice questions , you take, they take, to take, I take, one, people, we (slang) take, il prend, they (f.) take, you (pl.) take, he takes, nous prenons, we take improve results , ils prennent results history , tu prends, she takes,