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An Indian View 2

Choose the correct phrase.

1. najbardziej uderzające
most striking, feast days, a question of numbers, enormous differences
2. na zboczu wzgórza
on the hillside, a garbage bin, overlooking the centre, a fasting period
3. z widokiem na centrum
overlooking the centre, hawkers calling out their wares, most striking, people greeting each other
4. kwestia liczb
a question of numbers, on the hillside, hawkers calling out their wares, most striking
5. cała Norwegia
the whole of Norway, towards the shops, overlooking the centre, most striking
6. w stronę sklepów
towards the shops, people greeting each other, overlooking the centre, at the side of the road
7. obok drogi
at the side of the road, people greeting each other, towards the shops, a question of numbers
8. crossword maker uliczni sprzedawcy zachwalający swoje towary
hawkers calling out their wares, feast days, a question of numbers, people greeting each other
9. ludzie pozdrawiający się nawzajem
people greeting each other, on the hillside, overlooking the centre, motorists horning at people
10. kierowcy trąbiący na ludzi
motorists horning at people, a fasting period, at the side of the road, a garbage bin
11. kosz na śmieci
a garbage bin, feast days, an odd cow, a question of numbers
12. dziwna krowa
an odd cow, most striking, feast days, on the hillside
13. language wspólny wszystkim
common to all, a question of numbers, feast days, hawkers calling out their wares
14. okres postu
a fasting period dynamic quiz , towards the shops, hawkers calling out their wares, a garbage bin
15. dni świąteczne
feast days, the whole of Norway distant learning , enormous differences, most striking