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Ch. 7

1. educational games The vice president also serves as the president of the
House of Representatives, Senate, FBI, Arms Control
2. What is the indirect method we use to elect the president?
Executive College, Executive Agreement, Electoral College, Electoral Agreement
3. Who follows the vice president in succession to the presidency?
Attorney General, Secretary of Defense, Secretary of State, Speaker of the House
4. What is the most important role of the president?
Head diplomat, Chief Executive, Chief of state, Economic Leader
5. online quizzes The 25th Amendment makes provisions for presidential
impeachment english , protection, pardons, succession
6. What is the basic goal of American foreign policy?
national security, trade sanctions, treaty negotions , embargo resolution
7. Alabama has nine electoral votes. How many representatives do we therefore have?
5, 9, 7, 3
8. quiz generator The president has the power to issue an ________, which is a rule or command that has force of law
executive order, economic sanction, execution order, amnesty order
9. According to the War Powers Act, the president must notify ____ immediatly when troops are sent into battle.
the Pentagon, the attorney general, Congress, the public
10. What is the nation%27s overall plan for dealing with other nations?
embargo, foreign policy quiz generator , trade sanctions, treaty
11. mix questions _____ is a formal agreement between two or more countries.
An executive agreement, An embargo, A treaty, An accord
12. What is an agreement among a group of nations that prohibits them all from trading with a target nation?
An embargo, A sanction treaty, A blockade, A tariff
13. The United States Postal Service is an example of
an executive agency, a government corporation, a regulatory board, an independent agency
14. The ___ is the clearest statement of the administration%27s plans and goals for the coming year.
cabinet matching excercise , federal budget, bureaucracy, Council of Economic Advisers
15. crossword maker Where does the president live and work?
Camp David, White House, Monticello, Fort Morgan
16. Who was the president during WWI?
Theodore Roosevelt, Bob Dole, FDR, Woodrow Wilson
17. What treaty ended WWI?
Treaty of Versailles, Treaty at Bunker Hill, Treaty of Paris, Treaty To End All Wars
18. Where was the Treaty of WWI signed?
Geneva, Paris, Cairo, Czech Republic
19. Which of the following factors DID NOT lead to WWI?
Attack on Pearl Harbor, Attack on the Lusitania, Zimmerman Telegram, Unrestricted submarine warfare
20. After WWI, what group was formed to prevent wars in the future?
League of Nations, United Nations, OPEC, UNICEF
21. What country did not join the League of Nations?
Italy, China, USA, France