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Character 3 (OWS I 6)

Choose the correct word.

1. sure that you can do things well, that people like you etc
self-confident, arrogant, dishonest, generous
2. learning giving people more of your time or money than usual
generous, impatient, dishonest, energetic
3. annoyed because of delays, someone else%27s mistakes
impatient, crazy educational games , aggressive, cheerful
4. thinking you are better than other people
arrogant, mean, aggressive, dull
5. behaving in an angry way, as if you want to attack or fight
aggressive, stupid, arrogant, mean
6. happy, or behaving in a way that shows you are happy
cheerful, dull quiz builder , impatient, honest
7. not interesting or exciting
dull, cheerful, arrogant, self-confident
8. very strange or not sensible
crazy, modest, self-confident, impatient
9. showing a lack of good sense or good judgment
stupid, arrogant, aggressive, generous
10. distance learning not wanting to spend money
mean, dull, crazy, generous
11. working with a lot of effort
energetic improve results , aggressive, crazy, dishonest
12. not wanting to talk about their abilities or achievements
modest, arrogant school , generous, energetic
13. not feeling at all confident about yourself or your abilities
insecure, stupid, dull, self-confident
14. deceiving or cheating people
dishonest online activities , self-confident, cheerful, modest
15. always telling the truth and not cheating or stealing
honest, dishonest, mean, energetic