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Progressives and Imperialism Test review

OPTIONAL TEST REVIEW KUBBU ***This activity is a great recap of some major ideas for the Progressives-Imperialism Test. ***Match up the cards which are related. ***Can you earn at least 90%25?

1898, Progresssives, settlement houses, reform, Square Deal, Federal Reserve System, Pure Food and Drug Act, interstate commerce, %22the Butcher%22 who established concentration camps in Cuba, USS Maine, Upton Sinclair, trust, Triangle Shirtwaist reforms activity , Wiliam Taft, all the Progressive Presidents, Great Britain / United Kingdom, Hulll House, de Lome letter,

American naval ship destroyed in Havanna , positive change intended to resolve a societal problem, T Roosevelt, Willaim Taft %26 Woodrow Wilson, year in which Spanish-American War was fought, nation with the most powerdul navy of the late 1800%27s, financial system took effect to stabilize the economy, composed book on poor working conditions of meat packers, enforced fire safety standards and limited hours, demeaned Pres. Mckinley %26 written by Spanish diplomat invite students , nickname for General Weyler, a larger version of a monopoly, president after TR %26 disappointed reformers, part of Constitution used to limit child laborers , banned harmful ingredients from being added to consumables, famous settlement house of Chicago, charities offering services in poor urban, immigrant neighborhoods, set of reform ideas and plans Roosevelt supported, group of early twentieth century reformers,