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Unit 4: Ancient India

There are 48 question and answer pairs, so you%27ll need to play through a few times before you see them all. If you can score 100%25 three times in a row, you%27re probably in good shape for the exam. :)

Vaisyas, Untouchables, Summer Monsoon, Kshatriyas, Aryans, Buddhism, Polytheistic, Subcontinent, Harappan or Indus civilization, Nirvana learning , Dharma web tool , Reincarnation or Samsara, Pilgrims, Brahmins, Arranged, Brahman, Asoka, Men, Causes of the fall of Harappan civilization, Why be happy and obedient to the caste you%27re born into? teacher , Harappan conveniences, Sanskrit teaching , Determined by your caste, Indus River, Cattle, Extended Family, Theravada Buddhism, Siddartha Gautama, Winter Monsoon, Indian Mathematical Achievements, Vedas, How to end suffering, Some Facts about Hinduism, Practice that shows who was seen as most important in India, Varna, Caste/jati, Mauryan Empire, Theocracy, Fields of science studied in ancient India, Himalaya, Monsoon, Moksha, Sudras, Karma, Mahayana Buddhism, Jobs of the Untouchables, Hinduism, Gupta Empire,

Founder of Buddhism - Buddha, the Enlightened One, divine law; requires people to do the duty of their caste, One of the four main levels of jati in India, earthquakes, floods, and Aryan invasion, Indian dynasty with huge lands - Chandragupta and Asoka, belief in many gods and/or goddesses, Government headed by a religious leader, Main religion of India; world%27s 3rd largest religion %26 one of its oldest , Rejected violence and converted to Buddhism, a large landmass that is part of a continent - but distinct from it, your spouse, your job, and with whom you can associate language , worships Buddha as a god - found in China, Japan, and Korea, early civilization in India - one major city was Mohenjo-Daro, Outnumbered nomads from central Asia who ruled India , Social group that someone is born into %26 cannot change, household including grandparents, parents %26 kids, Algebra, Algorithms, Infinity,Numerals 1-9, and Zero, dirty work like collecting trash, skinning animals, dealing w/ dead, Popular with low castes because it did NOT defend the caste system, Seasonal wind - important for crop growth in India help students assimilate material , Give up all desires by following the Eightfold Path., Second highest varna; made up of warriors and rulers, When your parents choose who you will marry, It%27s required if you want to be reincarnated into a higher jati., highest mountains in the world, brings warm, wet air to India %26 produces rains vital to crops, The # of these owned by Aryans determined their wealth, State of wisdom - ultimate goal of Buddhism, Release from the cycle of rebirth in Hinduism (join with Brahman), Smaller dynasty %26 time of India%27s golden age of art %26 learning, Suttee - Wife throws herself into husband%27s funeral fire, Universal spirit in Hinduism that all souls want to join , Four sacred writings that contain Hindu-ism%27s key beliefs create online quizzes , Pariahs; the group so low, it didn%27t belong to any varna, The common people like farmers %26 merchants create online tests , Astronomy, Metallurgy, Medicine , The good or bad consequences of how you live your life web tool , India%27s first civilization began in its valley, Cycle of life, death, and rebirth (pass through many lives), Biggest varna; made up of unskilled laborers and servants, only they could inherit property, go to school, or become priests, Mixture of Aryan and Harappan beliefs %26 believes all life is sacred, People who travel to visit religious sites or shrines, cold %26 dry air blowing SW into India educational activities , highest varna; made up of priests, believes Buddha was a teacher NOT a god - found in SE Asia, written language Aryans developed after settling in India, indoor plumbing, garbage chutes, %26 town granaries,