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Hinduism or Buddhism

Hinduism, Buddhism, Both, group_name4,

One of the oldest religions , World%27s 3rd largest religion, Began around 520 B.C., web 2.0 Believes in reincarnation, invite students Ultimate goal: Moksha, Ultimate goal: Nirvana, Popular in SE and East Asia, Most common in India, Supported the caste system, short answer questions Didn%27t support caste system, Founder:Siddartha Gautama, Beliefs formed 1000s of yrs, learning Principles found in 4 Vedas, Give up wants %26 desires, Follow the Eightfold Path, Need to be happy with life, Appealed to lower castes, Theravada %26 Mahayana, online learning games Originated w/ Aryan beliefs, Join Brahman, Dharma %26 Karma are key, Four Noble Truths, Life is full of suffering, Asoka promoted this, Gupta empire supported it, Stupas are their shrines, Ganges is sacred to it, help students assimilate material Brahma, Vishnu, Siva, Began in India,