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Character 4 (OWS I 6)

Choose the best word to complete each sentence.

1. Kids who play violent video games show much more # behaviour than those who don%27t.
ambitious, tolerant, insecure,
2. Our parents are pretty #, and they don%27t mind if we stay out late.
self-confident, dull, patient english ,
3. I%27m afraid I must seem very # compared with all those interesting people you meet.
cheerful, generous, arrogant,
4. Roy gets # when people drive too slow in front of him.
responsible, easy-going, impatient,
5. Women have to be more # than men if they want to get anywhere in the business world.
responsible, hard-working, arrogant,
6. I%27m a # adult. I can make my own choices.
honest, responsible, dull class website ,
7. As the job involves handling large amounts of money, it%27s essential that our workers are #.
dull, energetic, crazy,
8. My sister%27s really #. She%27s always buying things for her friends.
responsible, cheerful, easy-going,
9. She was very #, with the gift of being able to talk on any subject whenever the camera was rolling.
honest, ambitious, generous,