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A field that is unique for each record is called, How data is organised in a database is called, Autonumber, Rows are called , An example of a data type is, A file that is sorted is calledweb page, Validation makes sorting more, Checking data entered in a database against a set of rules, Variable length records, An example of Boolean is, Records with predefined size, Another name for table, Appending means, Appending a record is done, A file that is not sorted is called, Columns are called, A key field is also known as _______ key results history , Boolean,

text, chooses an option out of two, adding, increments a number automatically, efficient, records, can be as long as nneded create online quizzes , file, key field, primary, serial file improve results , sequential file, fixed length records, record structure, fields, validation, Yes/No, after the last record create online tests ,