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There%27s a monster under my bed! 4 (Storyfun Movers)

Choose the correct phrase.

1. znaleźć rzeczy do jedzenia
to find things to eat invite students , the monster hides, to go away, lots of legs
2. przyjść ponownie
to come back again, a scary monster, to find things to eat, before morning
3. być niemądrym
to be silly, scared of monsters, very clever, a scary monster
4. test potwór ukrywa się
the monster hides, a scary monster, to be silly, huge black eyes
5. bardzo sprytny
very clever, huge black eyes, the monster hides, big scary teeth
6. pójść sobie
to go away, to come back again, to find things to eat, huge black eyes
7. interactive bojący się potworów
scared of monsters, the monster hides, to come back again, slowly and quietly
8. straszny potwór
a scary monster, very clever, to find things to eat, to be silly
9. przez następny tydzień
for another week, to be silly educational games , to find the monster, huge black eyes
10. znaleźć potwora
to find the monster, huge black eyes, to find things to eat, slowly and quietly
11. mnóstwo nóg
lots of legs, for another week, very clever, the monster hides
12. improve results wielkie, straszne zęby
big scary teeth, before morning, for another week, the monster hides
13. okrągły brzuch
a round stomach, a scary monster, for another week, to find things to eat
14. wielkie czarne oczy
huge black eyes, a round stomach, very clever, to be silly
15. wolno i cicho
slowly and quietly, to be silly, a scary monster, to find things to eat